Important update on the Shell Safety Leadership Forum & Awards 2020

In 2018, Shell Brasil launched the Safety Leadership Forum, an annual event which aims to reunite our Suppliers at a leadership level to strengthen our Partnership and to reinforce our commitment with the Declared Future. As part of this event, the Safety Leadership Awards was launched last year, when we recognized our Partners for initiatives which have effectively contributed to the Goal Zero journey in the Deepwater Business in Brazil.

Due to the current challenging and volatile business environment triggered by COVID-19, Shell Brasil decided to cancel both the Forum and the Awards this year. At this moment of uncertainties, we, at Shell and at all levels of our Supply Chain, must focus our efforts in ensuring the safety and health of our staffs, and in prioritizing the business continuity without compromising HSE performance when delivering our services. Hosting a large gathering event would raise potential risks to Shell staff, production contractors and our guests, given the circumstances.

With that said, even an official award is not being delivered this year, we strongly believe that it’s during challenging times like these, when extraordinary ideas and innovative solutions are about to arise. Let’s continue working together and building true partnerships towards the Goal Zero!

A group o workers gathers during a pause with a smile on their faces

Shell Safety Leadership Awards

Launched in 2019, the Shell Safety Leadership Awards is a programme that recognises outstanding efforts from Shell’s contractors, towards improving performance and sustaining visible Safety Leadership in the areas of Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE). This could be the result of a specific initiative or activity, or an outcome of ongoing efforts that support our pursuit to the Declared Future.

Safety Leadership at Shell aims to shape the safety culture in our organization and in contractor’s relationships. In the current challenging business environment, this initiative is key to ensure Goal Zero. No Harm. No Leaks. and better business performance.

Contractor Safety Leadership Journey at Shell

Contractor Safety Leadership (CSL) is a global initiative at Shell which aims to strengthen the trust and openness in contractor relationships, including at the executive levels. CSL is about Shell leaders pairing up 1:1 with Contractors leaders and leading our companies towards the Declared Future. This journey is enabling Collaboration on safety and care for people, as well as improving the efficiency of how we deliver together, at all levels of the organization.

The key focus areas of Shell CSL are: Standardisation, Simplification, Empowerment, Care and Competence.

Globally, since 2014, the executive pairs - consisting of a contractor and a Shell executive team - have been working together to jointly lead a safe and sustainable business through: 

- Building personal relationships.

- Executive pairs aim to jointly accelerate safety with their frontline teams.

- Currently more than 18 of Shell’s top suppliers at Country/project level.


Entries for the Shell Security Leadership Award will be open from May 2020.

How to apply for Shell Safety Leadership Awards:

  • Access official website
  • Simply complete the online application form:
    • You need to describe the company’s achievement using the text boxes provided.
    • The achievement needs to be proven to have direct or indirect impact to Shell Brasil Upstream Business and Deepwater Operations. 
    • Additional supporting documentation can also be provided with the application, via the online form, although one document per entry is allowed.
    • Sustainability of results is important; therefore, it will be accepted initiatives developed in the previous years if they have continued to have an impact in the last 12 months.
  • Each company is eligible to up to 3 submissions per year.


Applications can be made by:

  • Contractor Companies with a valid contract with Shell Brasil, working with Shell Upstream/Deepwater organization in Brasil.
  • A Due Diligence screening will be done to confirm Company’s eligibility to the award.
  • For additional information access Shell Safety Leadership Awards official rules.


Award criteria are described below:

  • Working in innovative, proactive and collaborative ways in recognising and overcoming Risk Normalisation and dealing with Dilemmas. Demonstrate discipline to contribute towards delivering Goal Zero - No Harm, No Leaks - in key areas e.g. process safety, personal safety and occupational health, transport safety, contractor management and environmental management.
  • Moving towards Declared Future, by exemplifying visible and felt leadership characteristics to build a strong safety culture where everyone feels cared for, are curious, motivated, empowered and embrace learning, all in pursuit of Goal Zero - no harm to people or the environment.

Applicants can also be eligible to receive an Honourable Mention for initiatives related but not limited to:

  • Developing and implementing innovative ways to address reduction in GHG emissions (e.g. CO2 intensity, methane emissions, use of renewable energy sources in operations), thriving through the Energy Transition.
  • Collaborating with industry, regulators and other key partners to develop industry standards, share and replicate innovation and best practices, and potentialize the capability of simplification and digitalisation; all in an effort to achieve Goal Zero and better GHG management.
  • Demonstrating genuine care for people, to enable a competent, high performing and engaged workforce; whilst demonstrating discipline by never compromising on standards.


A commission of judges representing and with expertise in the HSE discipline will review the applications and prepare a short list of candidates for the Shell Brazil Leadership Team to decide the Winner and eventual Honourable Mentions.

The Winner Company of the Shell Safety Leadership Awards and Honourable Mentions will then be announced during Shell’s Contractor Safety Leadership Forum. A representative will be invited on the stage to receive a certificate and trophy by Shell Brasil Leadership.


Meet the winners of the Shell Safety Leadership Awards 2019