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Launched in 2019, the Shell Safety Leadership Awards aims to recognize and disseminate best practices, initiatives and projects developed by Shell Brasil contractors that seek continuous improvement of safety in its operations, supporting the company in its journey to Goal Zero: No Harm, No Leaks.

The award seeks to strengthen trust and dialogue between Shell and its contractors, as well as strengthen the company's relationship with them.

The theme of this edition is "THE TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY TO THE LEARNING MINDSET". From two categories based on Shell's global safety pillars, the awards will drive discussions and reflections about strengthening the safety culture at the operations frontline, considering the essentiality of the human factor. The award ceremony will take place on August 24, in Rio de Janeiro.


Registration for the Shell Safety Leadership Awards will be open from June 2022.

How to apply:

  • Access www.shell.com.br/slawards official website
  • Simply complete the online application form:
    • You need to describe the company’s achievement using the text boxes provided.
    • The achievement needs to be proven to have direct or indirect impact to Shell Brasil operations.
    • Will only participate in the awards activities that have occurred from July 2019, considering the premises mentioned in the Rules.
  • Each company is eligible to up to 1 (one) submission per category.


Applications can be made by:

  • Contractor Companies with a valid contract with Shell Brasil.
  • A Due Diligence screening will be done to confirm Company’s eligibility to the award.
  • For additional information access Shell Safety Leadership Awards official rules.


The Evaluation Committee will judge the submissions according to the description of the categories below:

  • Learning Mindset Category

Learning Mindset is the belief that we can always improve, grow and learn from mistakes and successes in a safe environment for fault recognition. The search for continuous improvement drives learning and innovation.

In this category, it is necessary to demonstrate learning mindset through a practical example, which can be the improvement of a process, system or equipment from an incident occurred in the operations, or through the application of a sector best practice. Consider as a key element the measurement of results in enriching the execution of tasks, making them safer. The result must have directly or indirectly impacted the services provided to Shell.

Other examples would be to demonstrate a learning mindset in the development of an improvement process from the experience of another company (learning from Other), or by establishing indicators related to SMS from the investigation/observation of some event.

  • Human Performance Category:

The concept of human performance considers the way people, culture and processes interact with each other. It addresses what people do as part of a system to manage risk and keep the environment safe for themselves and others. Shell's Human Performance principles aim to guide initiatives to integrate human factors at work. 

In this category, initiatives that consider human factors in decision-making will be eligible for the award. As an example, actions that assess risks in the workplace and mental health of workers for the execution of tasks or that demonstrate openness to the reporting of errors and positive reinforcement. Initiatives that demonstrate how leadership absorbs and responds to records in the search for continuous improvement will also be considered as well as identification of higher risk tasks in order to prepare people to avoid incidents, as well as examples of debriefing methodologies to ensure opportunities for improvement.


A commission of judges representing and with expertise in the HSE discipline will review the applications and prepare a short list of candidates for the Shell Brasil Leadership Team to decide the Winners.

The Winners will then be announced during Shell Safety Leadership Forum (dedicated exclusively to contractors) that will take place on August 24, 2022, in Rio de Janeiro, where a contractor representative will be invited on the stage to receive a certificate and trophy by Shell Brasil Leadership.

2019 Winners


The rules on the award can be accessed in the event official Rules.